Moving Checklist: Your Guide to a Stress-Free Move

Moving Checklist: Your Guide to a Stress-Free Move

Moving house can be a daunting task, but with the right preparation, it can be a smooth and even enjoyable experience. Here’s a comprehensive moving checklist to help you stay organised and stress-free.

8 Weeks Before Moving

1. Create a Moving Folder:

Keep all documents, receipts, and quotes related to your move in one place.

2. Research Moving Companies:

Get quotes from at least three moving companies and book early.

3. Notify Important Parties:

Inform your landlord if you’re renting, and notify your employer, schools, and any relevant institutions of your move.

4. Start Decluttering:

Go through each room and decide what to keep, donate, or discard.

5. Organise Moving Supplies:

Gather boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and markers for packing.

6 Weeks Before Moving

1. Create an Inventory:

Make a list of all items you’re moving. This helps with packing and ensures nothing gets lost.

2. Begin Packing Non-Essentials:

Start with items you don’t use daily, such as seasonal clothing and decorations.

3. Label Boxes:

Clearly label each box with its contents and the room it belongs to.

4. Arrange for Child and Pet Care:

Make plans for children and pets on moving day to keep them safe and stress-free.

4 Weeks Before Moving

1. Confirm Moving Details:

Confirm dates, times, and details with your moving company.

2. Notify Utility Companies:

Arrange for utilities (electricity, gas, water, internet) to be transferred to your new home.

3. Update Address:

Change your address with banks, postal services, and any subscription services.

4. Service Your Car:

If driving a long distance, ensure your car is in good condition.

2 Weeks Before Moving

1. Finalise Packing:

Pack remaining items, leaving only essentials for the final days.

2. Prepare an Essentials Box:

Include items you’ll need immediately upon arrival: toiletries, snacks, important documents, and basic tools.

3. Confirm Payment:

Ensure payment arrangements are clear with your moving company.

1 Week Before Moving

1. Clean Your Current Home:

Clean as you pack, and do a final clean once everything is out.

2. Defrost the Freezer:

Defrost and clean your refrigerator and freezer.

3. Pack Valuables:

Keep valuables and important documents with you, not in the moving truck.

Moving Day

1. Early Start:

Begin early to stay on schedule.

2. Supervise Loading:

Be present to oversee the loading process and ensure items are handled carefully.

3. Final Walkthrough:

Do a final check of your old home to ensure nothing is left behind.

4. Confirm New Address:

Provide your moving company with the correct new address and directions if needed.

5. Keep Essentials Handy:

Ensure your essentials box and valuables are with you.

Upon Arrival

1. Inspect New Home:

Before unpacking, do a quick inspection of your new home to ensure it’s ready.

2. Guide Movers:

Direct movers where to place boxes and furniture.

3. Unpack Essentials First:

Start with your essentials box to make your first night comfortable.

4. Reassemble Furniture:

Set up beds and other necessary furniture first.

5. Check Utilities:

Make sure all utilities are functioning properly.

6. Take Your Time:

Unpack at a pace that suits you. Focus on one room at a time.

Final Thoughts

Moving can be a seamless process with careful planning and organisation. Follow this checklist to stay on track and make your moving day as stress-free as possible.

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